By mid-1916, the limitations of Super Zeppelins were beginning to take their toll. While, by virtue of superior numbers, the German Fleet was able to keep its foes at bay, Aerofighters – and now Gyrofighters – were reaching higher altitudes, as well as developing new tricks to counter the High Climbers. Count Zeppelin and his peers realized the need to reassess the low altitude durability of their fleet.

Enter the Wehrzeppelin.


Capable of generating its own steam propulsion, the German Empire Wehrzeppelin generates lift by a means not fully understood to the Allies. By virtue of its superior lifting capabilities, the Wehrzeppelin is capable of bearing heavier armor and armament than any previous Zeppelin, and needs not return regularly to hangar – the supreme weakness of all previous Zeppelins and High Climbers. It is with these massive “ships of the sky” that the German Empire bombed and battered Allied advances in Europe to a standstill, and all but broke the will of Great Britain. It is widely rumored and feared that once it has consolidated its gains in Europe, the German Empire will direct the power of these Wehrzeppelins against the United States.


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