USS Dewey


Named for the recently deceased Admiral of the Navy, George Dewey, the USS Dewey is an experimental Zeppelin, the first significant attempt by TRIAS to produce an advanced airship capable of responding to the threat of the German Wehrzeppelin. As an experimental vessel, the Dewey is significantly smaller than a Wehrzeppelin, roughly only one third its length, and consequently functions with a very limited crew.

Space aboard allows for a crew of six, functioning as two shifts of three: one pilot, one engineer, and one science officer. Sleeping quarters have space for three, with the assumption that crews will hot-rack.

The Dewey carries quite substantive armor for a lighter-than-air vessel, but at this juncture remains unarmed.

Most notably, the Dewey is powered by a grand total of EIGHT engines, four on the Ventral side, and four on the Dorsal side. The four Dorsal Engines can be inclined to a stunning angle of 45 degrees significantly increase the lift ability of the Dewey.

USS Dewey

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