Game Concept

In Skies of Danger takes place roughly one year into the development of the United States’ Fleet Airship Program. Characters are research fellows at the Theodore Roosevelt Institute for Advanced Study (TRIAS), a highly regarded research fellowship sponsored by the United States Navy with specific intent to research an develop an Airship Program comparable to the airborne armada of the German Empire. At the time of the campaign, TRIAS has developed a functioning experimental airship which is smaller and more agile than historical blimps and zeppelins of the 1920s. The ship, dubbed the Dewey has means of propulsion, armor, and armament but has yet to sail its maiden voyage, a “shakedown” cruise to Greenland and back. This journey begins tomorrow.

Character Generation

1) Name
2) Major Flaw (See Foibles PDQ# p.5)
3) Motivation (PDQ# p.8)
4) Past (PDQ# p.8)
5) Specialty (See Swashbuckling Forte PDQ# p.5)
6) Field of Expertise

Motivation, Past, Specialty, and Expertise begin as Good (+2) skill.

7) Add three more Good abilities. You can also stack the abilities for higher bonus. (i.e. Specialty – Good, add an extra Good to make it Expert.

8) Spend 5 points worth of Techniques (PDQ# p.8). Techniques chained to Specialty or Field of Expertise cost 1, any other ability cost 2, and unchained cost 3 points.

9) Basic character description. Feel free to flesh it out as much as you like!

Keep in mind that your character is both intelligent and a renaissance man. I recommend that you take some form of combat ability, but it does not need to be your Specialty. Your Field of Expertise should be the reason you were picked to be part of the TRIAS.

Game Concept

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