Training Points, Style Dice, and Progression

I just wanted to walk everyone through how player progression will work in this campaign.

Training Points:
PDQ# awards training points based on FAILURE when attempting a challenge. Additionally, since PDQ# characters are driven by their fortes, it is not expected that they will fail that often. Consequently, the accrual of Training Points may go fairly slowly. Get comfortable with your character as you built him and think of ways to expand him without a rapid XP curve.

Style Dice:
Style Dice are awarded at the beginning of each session, and lost at the end of the session. Style Dice are awarded for the following:

  • Being at the game
  • Posting your character (first time only)
  • Posting your character’s picture (first time only)
  • Posting your character’s bio (first time only)
  • Reading PDQ# before coming to your first game session
  • Contributing good plot ideas (I’ll be the judge of that!)
  • Writing a journal entry based on your last session (post in the Adventure Log, worth 1-3 dice)
  • Making a significant contribution to upgrading the Airship (see below)
  • Contributing to the wiki of the world in a positive way (create a new page for each entry)

Technological Progression:
The USS Dewey is an experimental vessel, and so is constantly undergoing change. After each gaming session, any players who played in that session can post in the Upgrades wiki page and request upgrades to the Airship based on how their character would apply their experience during the adventure to the ongoing process of design.

In order for upgrade requests to be accepted:

  • The upgrade must fit within the scope of currently available technology (i.e. no Doug, you can’t have a flux capacitor)
  • You have to sell me the upgrade from the perspective of your character
  • The upgrade must be significant enough to make note of
  • I have to like it

Training Points, Style Dice, and Progression

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