Tenning Requests

1. Remote signaling device. It is a small transmitter that when pressed, sends a basic radio signal. It does not send a message per sae; just beeps at a fixed interval. The Dewey is set to receive that basic signal and when received a red light starts blinking on the console.

2. Small recon plane. We really need it.

3. Bottom hatch on gondola with rope ladder.

4. Out of phase engines. Okay, this will take a bit of explaining. When one wave form hits another and it is perfectly out of phase, the result is dead silence. Look here under 180 degrees out of phase to see a graphical representation of what I’m talking about: http://www.mediacollege.com/audio/01/wave-interaction.html

So, What if the engines on one side of our airship are designed to vibrate in one specific way and on the other side they produce sound waves that are perfectly out of phase. It would be like stealth engines. This does bend the laws of physics a bit, but this is fantasy, right?

Tenning Requests

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