William Harkely

USS Dewey First Crew Engineer


William Harkely is a first generation immigrant from England. He came over as a child with his parents, who had lost a goodly portion of their wealth in financial scandal. Having sold all their physical property, they relocated to the United States to begin again. William speaks often of watching his father rebuild himself and his wealth by means of “good clean sweat”.

William has a keen understanding of engine mechanics, and an ability to quickly assess a problem – even if he is not exactly familiar with the specific contraption at hand. He is well liked, but does have the tendency of speaking his mind too often and too quickly without thinking through his phrasing. As a result there are some within TRIAS who avoid him simply to avoid being offended. Both Bentley and Rasmussen tend to avoid him, so his assignment to First Crew was not well received.


William Harkely

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