Wallace "Pecker" Fowler

Call Sign: Woodpecker


Major Flaw: Credulous/Afraid of Gremlins


  • Motivation: Thrillseeker [Good +2]
  • Past: Farmboy [Good +2]
  • Speciality: Firearms/Armaments [Expert +4]
  • Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering [Good +2]
  • Eagle-Eyed [Good +2]
  • Ivy League Pitcher [Good +2]


  • Wild Card [unchained]
  • Machine Guns [chained to Firearms/Armaments]
  • Jimmy Rigging [chained to Mechanical Engineering]

Training Points:


Wally “Woodpecker” Fowler, or just Pecker to everyone but his Ma’, grew up on a large grain farm outside of Wichita. His family’s business excelled due to his father’s innovations in farming machinery, a knack that he himself picked up.

As a kid, Pecker found himself bored with school, at least when he was there anyway. His parents always said he was too smart for his own good. Academics just could not compete with his two great loves; guns and baseball. Pecker took a shining to hunting almost before he could walk. The larger and more dangerous the prey and the louder and more unnecessary the gun, the better. Adrenaline is Pecker’s best friend and nothing gets the blood pumping like chasin’ down a bear with a shotgun. Baseball brought Pecker the same thrills; the roar of the crowd, the tension of the 9th, the female fans. -When he was old enough, he joined on with a Kansas state farm team and had hopes of going to the majors with his pitchin’ arm. He travelled the country with the team and for the first time felt like he was more than just a wheat-shuckin’ hick kid.

The dream of the big leagues never came true, however, and playing season after season with no promotions got real stale real quick. But then the war came, and Pecker saw his chance to live life to a whole new level. “V’you seen the guns’ere puttin’ on those planes n’shit?” One friend observed. Pecker was in love. He enlisted and soon found himself picked up by TRIAS for his aptitude in mechanics and his passion for armaments.-

This is Jolene. She is Pecker’s baby. Do not touch Jolene.

On a final note, it should be stated that Pecker hates Gremlins, even more than the Keiser.

Wallace "Pecker" Fowler

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