Peter Milano

Pilot and Acquisitions Specialist


Past: Mafia Man [Good +2]
Foible: Inferiority Complex
Motivation: Prove Himself Worthy [Good +2]

Specialty: Test Pilot [Expert +4]
Field of Expertise: Aeronautical Engineer [Good +2]

Forte: Acquisitions [Good +2]
Forte: Small arms Fire [Good +2]

Technique: Marksmen (Small Arms Fire)
Technique: Dare Devil (Test Pilot)
Technique: “I know a guy” (Acquisitions)

Training Points:


Peter is a product of two worlds. Having grown up the nephew of a Cleveland based mob boss, he knows what it means to run with a rough crowed. His mother, fearing that Peter’s smarts would go to waist in the world of organized crime, pleaded with her brother to send him away from Cleveland and pay for an Ivy League education.

Peter, while good at what he did with his fellow wise guys, was hounded relentlessly for being the “brain.” While at Princeton he was mocked for his Italian heritage and the rumors of his gangster roots, which Peter tries to keep concealed.

A natural fit for Peter, having learned to use a pistol from a very early age, was the shooting team at Princeton. Setting, aiming and shooting were a little different from the quick draw necessities of urban warfare and enforcement.

Not only did Peter fall in love with the new science of aerodynamics, but fell in love with pushing the limits of the sky. He’s known for jumping into the cockpit of anything that can supposedly fly. Even when others weren’t successful, he could use his expert knowledge of aerodynamics and make the machine fly. It’s not always pretty and he didn’t always come down landing gear first, but they flew. He developed a reputation for being a dare devil, if not a little reckless.

He still can’t shake his days back in Cleveland, still resorting to some old world tactics when it’s needed.

Peter Milano

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