Michael Bentley

USS Dewey First Crew Pilot


Major Flaw: Quick Temper – tied to feelings of failure
Motivation: Self Justification (Good +2)
Past: Automobile Tycoon (Good +2)
Specialty: Social Manipulation (Expert +4)
Field of Expertise: Electrodynamics (Expert +4)
Forte: Aeroplane Pilot (Good +2)

Technique: Verbal Turnabout (chained to Social Manipulation)
Technique: Hot Dogging (chained to Aeroplane Pilot)
Technique: Lying (chained to Social Manipulation)
Technique: Improvisation (chained to Electrodynamics)

It was no surprise to anyone that Bentley was assigned the Pilot slot on First Crew, though many were probably frustrated to see it happen. Both a hot-dog pilot and a briliant Electrodynamicist, Bently’s real strength is his ability to work the social politics around him to suit his needs and desires. He has an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time when it is in his favor, then being completely out of sight when anything could be brought to question him. In his presence, people find themselves drawn into his chumminess, although many will feel resentful afterwards.

Because of his political ability, everyone has assumed he would pilot the Dewey on her maiden voyage for several months, and it has been a cause of consternation for many who feel they have put in the work while Bentley has taken the credit.


I built this character as an example of what a character might look like. I spent the 3 additional “Good +2”s on Social Manipulation and Electrodynamics making him Expert in both, and then used the last to add Aeroplane Pilot.

For techniques, I have 5 points to spend. 1 point apiece for Verbal Turnabout, Lying, and Improvisation because they are chained to his Specialty or Field of Expertise. Hot Dogging costs 2 because it is chained to a non-specialty forte.

There’s not really a list of what fortes you can take, but if you can try to pack the essence of your forte into one or two words, it helps. So instead of his motivation being written as “Michael feels rejected by his father because he pursued science instead of business, so he is trying to prove himself in the world through the TRIAS project” – I simply wrote “Self Justification”. A lot of labeling your Fortes boils down (pun intended) to reducing the roleplaying elements to their core concept.

Note also that he has two techniques which can be used at the same time, both chained to Social Manipulation. He can be lying and twist someone else’s words in a verbal turnabout. Similar ideas would be Technique:Strafing and Technique:Incendiary Rounds for the Forte: Machine Guns. If you’re strafing somebody with your machine gun, and using incendiary rounds, you’ll stack both Techniques on top of your Forte. This can be very powerful, but you pay for it in lack of diversity.

Keep in mind that you don’t want your forte to be TOO specific, because it would limit your flexibility. Forte: Machine Guns is probably too specific, because someone who knows how to use a Machine Gun probably also knows how to use a Rifle. Forte: Firearms might be better. However, Forte: Weapons is too broad, considering the vast diversity of weapons out there.

Michael Bentley

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