Colonel Byron Tenning (retired)

Retired Military Officer who wants one more adventure before he passes on.


Name: Group Captain Byron Tenning (retired)

Major Flaw: Maundering
Motivation: Glorious End (Good, +2)

Past: Retired Military Officer (Good, +2)
Speciality: Firearms (Good, +2)
Field of Expertise: Mechanical Engineer (Master, +6)
Sidekick (Good, +2) Name: Brimley; Fortes: Tracking (Good, +2), Elusive(Good, +2), Valet (Average, 0); Techniques: Eagle Eye (Chained to Tracking), Devoted (Chained to Valet);

Techniques: Engines (Chained to Mechanical Engineer), Rifles (Chained to Firearms), Tinkering (Chained to Mechanical Engineer), Tactics (Chained to Retired Military Officer)

Training Points:


At 58 years of age, Byron Tenning has seen his share of action over the years.

Byron Tenning came from a wealthy family. His parents recognized his high intelligence at an early age and hoped he would follow in the footsteps of his father and become a surgeon. So, his parents shipped him off to a boarding school. Though he excelled in his studies, he chaffed under his boring lifestyle. Yearning for adventure, he ran away from school at the age of 17 and joined the British Military. He was assigned to the Corps of Royal Engineers serving in the Anglo-Zulu wars. His natural aptitude caused him to rise him quickly through the ranks, though he longed for some real action. His shining moment was during the battle of Rorke’s Drift in 1879. He was recognized for his zeal, determination and leadership shown during that conflict and was moved into officer training. He was sent to the Royal Military Academy where it was discovered that he had a knack for machines. The British high command saw the potential in him and put him through extra training and even sent him to some civilian institutions to complete his engineering training.

Due to his natural aptitude and his incredible knowledge he rose quickly through the ranks, though was never given a battle command again. He was considered too valuable. Despite his longing for adventure he buried himself in his work and eventually became infatuated with all kinds of flying contraptions. It was partly due to Byron’s pushing that the British government began to concentrate more on an air force. Byron was then assigned to teach future engineers and design new engine systems for small aircraft. Though Byron loved his work, he yearned for adventure and retired in the year 1912.

Byron Tenning relocated to Africa where he pursued big game hunting and would still tinker with experimental engine designs. It is there that he acquired his faithful manservant, Brimley.

With the war going badly; he was tracked down by British Intelligence and asked to lend his considerable expertise to the TRIAS Project. Seeing this as his last chance to fight the war he has been waiting for all his life, he gladly joined.

Colonel Byron Tenning (retired)

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