Aubrey Kitts

Playboy inventor who loves to tinker with toys almost as much as he loves the many women in his life.


ROLE: Navigator

Major Flaw: Ladies Man

•Field of Study: Optics [Good +2]
•Speciality: Playboy [Good +2]
•Motivation/Past: Inventor [Master +6]
•Forte: Boxer [Good +2]
•Forte: Race car Driver [Average +0]
•Forte: Cartographer [Average +0]

•Improvisation [Unchained] (3)
•Smooth Talker [chained with Playboy](1)
•Precise [chained with Optics] (1)

Training Points


Aubrey has been refered to as a savant and a chauvenist pig, all in the same sentence. And he proudly denies neither.

He grew up with the best private tutors at this beck and call along with the most self-absorbed parents, as all good New England aristocrats are. Aubrey quickly learned to have a healthy self-reliance. He spent his free time inventing tools to make his already easy life a little easier.

While having little parental supervision during his childhood lent to Aubrey’s desire to seek thrills in casual automobile racing, big-game hunting and an stint on the Olympic boxing team, (always with a beautiful starlett on his arm), he found that those were fleeting interests with similarly fleeting rewards.

He quickly found a fascination with science and the true basis of all knowledge: mathematics. He attended Princeton to feed his interests and then Yale where he focused on experimental optics and physics. Like his explorer ancestors, Aubrey loved the idea of discovering something completely new, inventing a perfectly original idea. He exceled in his studies, and was soon approached by TRIAS to join a special program where he was told his special talents would be allowed to flourish, unhindered by a conventional curriculum. Aubrey couldn’t resist such an offer.


Aubrey Kitts

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